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The EDU has more than 11 years’ experience of course design and development, working with clients from UHI, and public and private organisations. We support teaching teams to enhance the quality of learning and teaching at UHI, to make the learner’s journey the best it can be.

We will work with you to design and develop your course, support you in the use of learning software, and provide help and guidance in sourcing and creating learning resources. We aim to ensure that you feel supported and have the skills you need to continue the work we have started with you.

The EDU team are well versed in the latest trends in digital pedagogy, learning design and current learning technologies and our skills and experience are wide-ranging, covering all bases when it comes to designing and developing engaging learning experiences. These include videography, animation, 3D modelling, web design and development, Brightspace and other VLE platforms, 360 virtual tours, software development and support, and working with a variety of industry standard content creation packages.

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Inspire | Explore | Analyse | Plan | Design

Inspire | Explore | Analyse | Plan | Design

  • The EDU project lead will meet with the client, virtually or in person, to explore ideas for the new course or learning resource.
  • Learner needs will be analysed, current trends and existing good practice will be explored, and appropriate technologies to build and deliver the course will be considered.
  • The project approach and intended outputs will be agreed. 
  • The EDU will then support subject specialists, either from the client’s team or engaged specifically, to design the course delivery and to write or source the raw materials for development.

Develop |Support | Manage | Evaluate | Improve

  • The EDU will develop engaging and accessible learning resources, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. 
  • Professional development requirements will be assessed to ensure the client’s team can confidently teach with the new course materials . 
  • EDU can also support approval events, funding applications, research, and awards submissions and our project management will ensure that outputs are delivered on time and to budget. 
  • Finally, the EDU will evaluate the project, identify lessons learned, and provide the client’s team with support for ongoing improvements
Develop | Support | Manage | Evaluate | Improve

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