Copyright agreement

The Copyright Licence Agreement content

The Copyright Licence Agreement

This institution has a Licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency Limited to enable students and members of staff to copy extracts, within clearly defined limits (set out below) from books, journals and periodicals published in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and by some publishers in the United States of America.

What the Licence covers

The Licence permits the copying of extracts (whether the pages copied consist of text or graphics or are a combination of text and graphics) from most books, journals and periodicals published in the UK (and in the other countries shown above), with the specific exception of those belonging to one of the categories of material defined in the next section.

The basic permission to photocopy extends to the copying (from paper on to paper) of:

  1. up to 5% or one complete chapter (whichever is the greater) from a book
  2. up to 5% or one whole article (whichever is the greater) from a single issue of a journal
  3. up to 5% or one paper (whichever is the greater) from a set of conference proceedings
  4. up to 5% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages (whichever is the greater)
  5. up to 5% or one single case (whichever is the greater) from a published report of judicial proceedings

What the Licence does not cover

The following Excluded Material is outside the scope of this Licence Agreement:

  1. printed music (including the words)
  2. maps, charts, or books of tables
  3. public examination papers
  4. workbooks, work cards and assignments
  5. private documents (fee based tuition)
  6. works published by non participating US publishers
  7. bibles, liturgical works, orders of service
  8. newspapers
  9. industrial house journals
  10. ‘copying not allowed under the CLA licence’ titles
  11. works included on the Excluded Works list
  12. works published outside Mandating Territories

For further information on making enlarged copies of extracts for visually impaired students and staff and / or creating digitised versions of licensed material, please make contact with the Licensing Co-ordinator nominated by this institution for this purpose.

Use of copyrighted datasets, software and online services

Copyrighted datasets, software and online services are not included within the CLA, use of this site or resources linked to by this site implies that the user agrees that any usage of any software, computer readable dataset, courseware or other similar material, hereafter referred to as ‘the Product’, issued or otherwise made available to the user by the UHI, of which the user is a student or member of staff, is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The user will ensure that all the requirements of the agreements, contracts and licences under which the Product is held by UHI will be maintained. (Copies of the relevant agreements, contracts and licences may be seen by application to the UHI Library Service.)
  2. The user will adhere to the regulations governing the use of any service involved in the provision of access to the product whether these services are controlled by UHI or by some other organisation.
  3. The user will not remove or alter the Copyright Statement on any copies of the Product used by me.
  4. The user will ensure the Security and Confidentiality of any copy released to them, and will not make any further copies from it or knowingly permit others to do so, unless permitted to do so under the relevant licence.
  5. The user will use the Product only for purposes defined, and only on computer systems covered, by the agreement, contract or licence.
  6. The user will only incorporate the Product, or part thereof, in any work, program or article produced, where this is permitted by the licence or by ‘Fair Dealing’.
  7. The user will not incorporate a modified version of the Product in any work produced without the express permission of the Licensor.
  8. The user will not reverse engineer or decompile the software products or attempt to do so unless this is explicitly permitted within the terms of the Agreement for the use of the Product.
  9. The user will return or destroy all copies of the Product at the end of the course/year/period of employment or when requested to do so.
  10. In using this web site, the user understands that UHI reserves its right to take legal action against individuals who cause it to be involved in legal proceedings as a result of violation of its licensing agreements.