Simone Martino


Simone joined the MERIKA Project in April 2016

Research Fellow in Environmental Social Science and Economics

Simone Martino

Simone Martino is an environmental scientist and resource economist working on the valuation of marketed and non-marketed goods and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes and coastal and marine environments. Simone has worked for several years in academic institutions (Italy and the UK) as research assistant, research fellow, and lecturer in environmental economics and marine resource economics, as consultant for public administrations and project manager for conservation organisation. Simone has suggested sustainable management strategies for agricultural, coastal, and marine resources, advising public bodies on the importance of natural capital and ecosystem services, and provided information on natural capital and ecosystem services to business for better decision making, financial accounting and operative risk reduction.

Main interests

  • Valuation of ecosystem services
  • Economics of marine and coastal natural resources
  • Coastal and marine resource policy and planning
  • Analysis of policies for coastal and marine resource management
  • Fishery economics
  • Coastal management and climate change
  • Mineral economics


      2001 Laurea degree (5 years) in Environmental Science, University of Tuscia, Italy

      2004 MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management, University of Portsmouth, UK

      2006 PhD in Ecology and Biological Resource Management, curriculum in Ecological Economics, University of Tuscia, Italy

Selected publications

Koutrakis, E. T., Sapounidis A., Marzetti S., Giuliani V., Martino S., Fabiano M., Marin V., Paoli C., Roccatagliata E., Salmona P., Rey-Valette H., Roussel S., Povh D. and Malvárez C. G., 2010, Public Stakeholders' Perception of ICZM and Coastal Erosion in the Mediterranean, Coastal Management, 38(4), 354–377.

Koutrakis, E. T., Sapounidis A., Marzetti S., Giuliani V., Martino S., Fabiano M., Marin V., Paoli C., Roccatagliata E., Salmona P., Rey-Valette H., Roussel S., Povh D., Malvárez C. G., 2011, ICZM and coastal defence perception by beach users: Lessons from the Mediterranean coastal area, Ocean and Coastal Management, 54 821-830.

Martino S., Parson M.L., 2012. A comparison between manganese nodules and cobalt crusts economics in a scenario of mutual exclusivity, Mar. Policy 36, 790-800.

Martino S., Parson M.L, 2013. Spillovers between cobalt, copper and nickel: implications for deep seabed mining, in press on Mineral Economics; Volume 25, Issue 2-3, pp 107-127; DOI 10.1007/s13563-012-0027-8

Amos, CL, Sutherland, TF, Martino S, AL Rashidi T., Sea surface temperature trends in the coastal zone of British Columbia, Canada. JCR_January 2014,

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Martino S., Amos C.L., 2015. Valuation of the ecosystem services of beach nourishment in decision-making: The case study of Tarquinia Lido, Italy. Ocean & Coastal Management 111, 82-91.

Marzetti S., Disegna M., Koutrakis E., Sapounidis A., Marin V., Martino S., Roussel S., Rey-Valette H. and Paoli C. Beach Visitors’ 2016. Awareness of ICZM and WTP in European Mediterranean Regions: a Case-Study. Marine Policy 63, 100-108.

Martino, S., 2016. An attempt to assess horizontal and vertical integration of the Italian coastal governance at national and regional scales. Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, vol 16(1), 21-33.



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