Suzi Billing


Suzi joined the MERIKA Project in March 2016

Suzi BillingPostdoctoral Research Associate in Marine Social Science



PhD in Regional Social Studies 2016 – University of the Highlands and Islands / University of Aberdeen

MSc Sustainable Environmental Management 2011 – Plymouth University

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science 2010 – Plymouth University

Research Interests

I have been recently appointed as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Marine Social Science for the MERIKA Project, hosted at the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

My research interests are multi-disciplinary, but mainly focus on social interactions with new and/or expanding marine technologies and industries in island and peripheral regions. I am currently looking at how communities adopt, react to, or integrate these technologies into their understanding of place and the social benefits and costs associated with them. This involves looking at reasons for attachments to place and the cultural subtleties that directly affect planning processes and permissions.

Key research topics:

  • Social systems
  • Social license to operate
  • Community resilience
  • Shared use of the marine environment
  • Marine policy and management
  • Islands and peripheral regions




Rennie, F., Billing, S.L. (2015) Changing community perceptions of sustainable rural development in Scotland. Journal of Rural and Community Development 10 (2) 35- 46

Billing, S.L. A Qualitative, Mixed Methods Approach to Finding the Role of Agents for Change in the Development of Marine Renewable Energy in Island Regions, Proceeding of the 2nd International Conference on Environmental Interactions of Marine Renewable Energy Technologies (EIMR2014) 28 April – 02 May 2014, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Graziano, M., Greenhill, L., Billing S.L., What future for the energy-rich Scottish North? Changes in the economic landscapes of the Highlands and Islands, and the rest of Scotland. Proceedings in the 2014 RSAI Winter Conference ‘Sustainable Recovery?’ Rebalancing, Growth, and the Space Economy



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