Undergraduate and postgraduate discretionary fund


If you are a full-time, part-time or postgraduate student and find you are struggling to meet the cost of living e.g. paying for foods, bills, travel etc you may be eligible to apply to the above discretionary funds for extra assistance. This fund is an income-assessed, non-repayable grant. To be considered for this fund, you are expected to have taken out the full student loan and any other support to which you are entitled.

It should be noted that the Discretionary Funds are there to assist students whose access to, or continuation in, education may be inhibited by financial considerations, or where students, for whatever reasons, including physcial or other disability, face financial difficulties.

Students in receipt of a Nursing and Midwifery Student Bursary are not eligible for assistance from the Discretionary Fund.

Download an application form for 2019/20 or you can get one from your local college or research institution.

It is important to remember to provide the necessary evidence, along with your application form. PLEASE NOTE: photographs/screen shots are not acceptable due to insufficient quality. All evidence should be provided as a scanned or saved document, for example in PDF format.

Applications can only be made using an online form via your HUB/Student Journey account at the following colleges:

  • Argyll College UHI
  • Inverness College UHI
  • Lews Castle College UHI
  • Moray College UHI
  • North Highland College UHI
  • Perth College UHI
  • West Highland College UHI

Applications must be made at the UHI college or research institution where you are enrolled, or online via your HUB/Student Journey if that is one of the colleges listed above.

Your local student support team will provide help and advice in completing your application, and further details can be found by accessing the links below;