Open Education Resource universitas (OERu)

OERu Certificate in Higher Education (CertHE) Business

OERu is a growing network of socially motivated institutions providing affordable opportunities for learners. Through our partnership with OERu , we offer learners around the world, unlimited, no fee, access to high quality, open online courses. For a reduced fee, you can also gain academic credit, only paying  for assessment when you’re ready.

We can offer OERu learners the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in business, which is equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s degree. The Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) Business is an introductory level qualification in business and management studies providing a general overview for a possible career across a wide range of sectors and industries.

The CertHE Business is made up of a number of mandatory and optional courses provided by us and our partner institutions. Successful achievement of 120 credits will gain you the full CertHE. You only pay the assessment fees for the modules undertaken.

Like all of the courses available through OERu, the CertHE Business uses high quality Open Educational Resources (OER). Personal ambition and a reliable connection to the Internet are all that is required to access, engage, and participate in the course content.

Registration is now open for the first course of the CertHE Business, Learning in a Digital Age. This course is designed to develop the core skills needed to succeed academically and professionally, including study management, academic and professional writing, and digital literacy.

If you have enjoyed studying modules through OERu, including building towards the Cert HE Business, you could choose to continue studying with us on a number of online degree programmes.

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