8.10 Physical resources



Institutions are often substantial land and property owners in their own right.  Classes in this category cover information at a strategic level relating to the institution’s management of its physical resources. Some of this information is required to be published under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004. Information that provides specific details of the institution’s future plans to alter its estate (e.g. proposals to purchase additional property) may be exempt from disclosure where such disclosure would damage the institution’s commercial interests. In some instances information will be exempt from disclosure where it is information which, if released, may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, endanger the physical or mental ill health or the safety of an individual, substantially prejudice the eefective conduct of public affairs, or constitute an actionable breach of confidence.

The campuses of the University of the Highlands and Islands


Category Name

Category Description


Format of information


Withheld information

Description of estate

Overview of the institution's estate

Location, size, usage, and condition of major buildings.

Listed buildings

Available on website



Estate development plans

Plans for major changes to the estate, including plans for the use of major capital funding.

Proposals for significant reconfiguration of the estate in the near future e.g. additions to/disposals of major components of estate



Information will not be made available where disclosure would substantially prejudice our commercial interests under S.33 of the Act.

Buildings under construction

Summary information about buildings under construction


Available on website




Maintenance arrangements and policies for buildings and grounds

Long-term/programmed maintenance arrangements and schedules.

How to request repairs

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Estates indicators

Performance indicators on major estates functions




Information will not be made available where disclosure would breach confidentiality under S.36 of the Act.

Environmental policies

The institution's environmental policies, practices and overview of their impact

Energy consumption

Recycling policies and arrangements

Transport policies and arrangements

Sustainability policies

Information which is required to be published under EI(S)Rs

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