8.7 Management of research


This category covers information relating to the institution’s management and funding of its research activities; it does not include the actual results or data of research undertaken. In some instances information will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, or information which, if released, may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, endanger the physical or mental health or the safety of an individual, substantially prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs, or constitute an actionable breach of confidence.

More about the management of research at the University of the Highlands and Islands

Category Name

Category Description


Format of information


Withheld information

Research funding

Statistical information on the major sources of the institution's research funding

Amount of SFC Main Research Grant and other formulaic/non-formulaic SFC grants for research.

Statistical information about funding from Research Councils, research charities and other major bodies.

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Research quality

Results of external measurement of the quality of the institution's research

Institutional performance in the Research Excellence Framework

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Information will not be made available where disclosure would substantially prejudice our commercial interests under S.33 of the Act.

Research strategies

Summary information on institutional-level strategic plans for research


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Research management structures

A description of the structures the institution uses to manage its research activity





Research support arrangements

Institution's procedures for supporting research

Arrangements for supporting and processing research grant applications

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Research ethics

The institution's research ethics policies and procedures

Institutional policies and codes of practice on good practice in research, ethical conduct and avoidance of research fraud.

Information on how the institution investigates allegations of research malpractice.

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Research students policies and procedures

The institution's policies and procedures for supervising and examining research students

Regulations governing research postgraduate study.

Information on how students can complain about supervision arrangements.

This category may also cover material relating to research components in taught postgraduate programmes.

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