A Moment

Staring at the Sound
Shimmering blues dance in changing light
Land emerges from the sea
A painting captured in neurons

Wind breathes life as it envelopes skin
A merry tune as the sun warms spirits
Dark origins lie buried, invisible
Only time and patience may reveal

Salty sea crystals linger
Lips sipping the oceans of time
A pervading, persistent, eroding force
Entropy in movement, the haaf, the swash

Held in space by carcase and sandstone
Millennia of time drenches
Carved, created, deformed, abused
A cycle that none can escape

The scents of life surrounds
Euphoric flora splashes against concrete
Spring memories bring renewal and hope
Interludes in faith, truth, and suffering

How I long to be sat on the West Shore
Where time is lost, irrelevant
It all makes sense
For just a moment


Photo and poem by C Fearnley