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Scotland - the Hydro Nation content

Scotland - the Hydro Nation

Scotland is fortunate to have a significant and high-quality water resource. Water is of central importance to the economy of Scotland, both as a sector in its own right and as a critical resource for the manufacturing, agriculture, food and drink, tourism and energy sectors. The Scottish Government is committed to making Scotland a ‘Hydro Nation’.

Our Water Quality Innovation Group (WQIG) seeks to address contemporary challenges associated with water quality preservation and improvement, drinking water provision, wastewater treatment and resource management, particularly in rural and sparsely populated regions of Scotland, and in similar regions elsewhere in Europe and around the world.

The WQIG draws on complimentary expertise from around the Highlands and Islands in the following principal areas: Water Analysis; Monitoring and Assessment; Water Treatment and Remediation; and, Integrated Catchment Management. Our team has a successful track record of working with businesses and stakeholders in key sectors including Food and Drink, Healthcare, Energy and Aquaculture.

We aim to help our partners and collaborators develop innovative new products and services; to help them meet policy and regulatory challenges; to advance responsible water stewardship; and to advance the low carbon economy.

If you have any enquiries regarding the specific services we can offer, please contact waterquality@uhi.ac.uk.

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