Supporting mental health and wellbeing


With mental ill-health among employees currently costing Scottish Businesses £2bn per annum* the health and wellbeing of staff is increasingly becoming an area of focus for many businesses.


Mental Health

Employers are now recognising poor mental health as a significant contributor to sickness absence and are including a range of measures within their strategic business planning to support employees facing mental health problems, including training for managers and staff to recognise symptoms in themselves and others.

The widespread impact of these uncertain times has made it even more important for businesses to ensure that that they have robust measures in place to provide reasonable care to their employees. This has been particularly challenging due to increases in work-related stress and anxiety made worse by the isolation of working from home and not being able to mix with friends and family.

It is important that managers feel confident and empowered to:

  • Recognise the signs of poor mental health in self and others.
  • Skills and confidence in addressing poor mental health.
  • What support is available externally and signposting.
  • Signs of substance misuse (often linked with poor mental health)

It is also important that individuals are aware of the signs of poor mental health in themselves and feel confident about seeking help.

We have experienced staff within health, counselling, social care and social sciences with up to date industry and sector specific accreditation which put us in the ideal position to be able to deliver health and wellbeing training to you and your staff.

We also work in partnership with a range of mental health practitioner groups and can introduce you to various assets to help you access specialist support where required.

Find out about more about our health and wellbeing courses or discuss your specific requirements and how we can support your business. We look forward to hearing from you.