Theological Studies BA (Hons)

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What is special about this course?

The BA (Hons) Theological Studies gives you a broad knowledge and understanding of the main disciplines of Christian theology, and the personal and professional capabilities required for a variety of ministries or general employment.

The degree is led by Highland Theological College UHI, a non-denominational college recognised by the Church of Scotland, the Associated Presbyterian Churches, the United Free Church of Scotland and other denominations as a training provider.

You will read a wide range of theology across all main traditions and have access to special collections in Highland Theological College UHI's impressive library.

A work placement will enable you to relate your acquired theoretical knowledge to real life situations. Visiting speakers will give you a flavour of the different areas of service that may be of interest for future employment or volunteering, for example: churches, youth work, hospital chaplaincy, army chaplaincy, seminaries and mission agencies in the UK and abroad.

Special features

  • You can study at Highland Theological College UHI's main campus in Dingwall or new base in Paisley, or at another university campus. Alternatively you can access lectures and course materials from home. 
  • The ideal course for prospective ministers and pastors, ordained local ministers, readers, missionaries and religious studies teachers.
  • You will have access to Highland Theological College UHI's impressive library of 65,000 volumes.
  • A work placement is available in year three which will enable you to relate the theoretical knowledge you have acquired to real life situations.
  • It is possible to include modules from a range of our degree programmes, or even take a joint degree with History or Scottish History
  • You can study full time or part time to suit your personal circumstances.
  • You can study individual modules for personal or professional development, and exit at the end of each of the levels with a recognised qualification


We offer modern student accommodation at a number of our locations.

Entry requirements

  • 3 Scottish highers at grade C or above OR 
  • 2 A levels at grade C or above
  • Applicants with other qualifications or experience will be considered on an individual basis

Access routes

Access to Christian Theology at Highland Theological College UHI.

Students eligible to undertake Scottish Wider Access Programmes (SWAP) will be able to apply for entry to BA (Hons) Theological Studies with a grade profile of CCC in one of the below courses:

  • Access to: Arts and Humanities (Newbattle Abbey College)
  • Access to: Arts, Social Sciences and Primary Teaching (Edinburgh College)
  • Access to: Arts, Social Sciences and Primary Teaching (North East Scotland College)
  • Access to: Celtic Studies incorporating Primary Education with Gaelic (Newbattle Abbey College)
  • Access to: Community, Education and Humanities (Dundee & Angus College)
  • Access to: Degree Studies (Forth Valley College)
  • Access to: Humanities (Arts, Social Sciences and Primary Education) (Fife College)
  • Access to: Humanities (Fife College)
  • Access to: Humanities (Perth College UHI)
  • Access to: Languages with Business (Edinburgh College)
  • Access to: Languages, Arts and Social Sciences (Edinburgh College)
  • Access to: University Study (Dundee & Angus College)
  • NQ Access to: Social Sciences (West Lothian College)
  • NQ Access to: Teaching (West Lothian College)

Year 1 - CertHE

Subjects may include:

  • Jesus and the gospels
  • Introduction to systematic theology
  • Introduction to practical and pastoral theology
  • The Pentateuch
  • Greek grammar 1
  • Protestant Reformation
  • Worship *
  • Evangelism *

*these modules run on alternate years

Year 2 - DipHE

Subjects may include:

  • Old Testament prophets
  • Greek grammar 2
  • Hebrew grammar
  • Early church history
  • Biblical theology of mission*
  • Mission in the contemporary context*
  • Introduction to youth ministry*
  • Pauline theology
  • Person and work of Christ
  • Exploring other faiths*
  • Introduction to counselling theory
  • Sacramental theology*

*these modules run on alternate years

Year 3 - BA

Subjects may include:

  • Hebrew texts
  • Hebrews
  • Scottish church history
  • Homiletics
  • Christian spirituality
  • Wisdom literature
  • Greek texts
  • Doctrine of God
  • Counselling in a pastoral setting
  • Project (arranged by student)
  • Work placement

Year 4 - BA (Hons)

Subjects may include:

  • Christian ethics
  • Luke/Acts
  • Holy Spirit and the word
  • Hermeneutics
  • Exploring psalms
  • Medieval church history
  • Guided reading (on a topic agreed with your supervisor)

You must also complete a dissertation.

How will I study my course?

  • Full-time
  • Part-time (structured)
  • Part-time (unstructured)

It is possible for students to study at Highland Theological College UHI's main campus in Dingwall or new base in Paisley or at another university campus or at home. If you wish to study from home you should make your application to Highland Theological College UHI Dingwall campus.

  • You will learn through a combination of face-to-face and video conference tutorials and lectures, and online study via the university's virtual learning environment (VLE), with support from your tutors.
  • Twice-yearly conference days provide a good opportunity for students based off-campus to meet with staff and peers.

How long will my course last?

  • Full-time: 4 years taking 6 modules per year
  • Part-time (structured): 8 years, taking 3 modules per year
  • Part-time (unstructured): undertaking 1-2 modules per year 

You should set aside approximately 14 hours per module per week. This includes time spent in lectures and your own time spent on individual study and research.

Where can I study my course?

  • Argyll College UHI
  • Highland Theological College UHI - Dingwall or Paisley campus
  • Lews Castle College UHI
  • Moray College UHI
  • Perth College UHI
  • West Highland College UHI
  • HTC Paisley base

Start date

  • September



For students normally domiciled in Scotland or the European Union/EEA (outside of the UK) and with a term time address in Scotland, the following fees apply:

Full-time (120 credit modules) per year £1,820
Part-time (structured) (3 x 20 credit modules) per year £645
Part-time (unstructured per module) (per 20 credit module) £215

Rest of UK students

For students normally domiciled in the rest of the UK (England, Wales and N. Ireland) and with a term time address in Scotland studying this course full time, the following fees apply:

Year 1 CertHE £9,000
Year 2 DipHE £9,000
Year 3 Degree £9,000
Year 4 Honours free**

**4th year free only for students studying full-time who have paid for the previous 3 years at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Part-time (per 20 credit module) - £1,500 (2018-19 and 2019-20)

Fees are payable in advance each academic year unless otherwise agreed.

There are a number of funding options available to UK and EU students to help you pay for your studies and your cost of living whilst studying.

International students

For students who do not normally reside in the UK or European Union and with a term-time address in Scotland, the following fees apply:

Full-time (120 credit modules) per year £11,650
Part-time (structured) (3 x 20 credit modules) per year** £5,820
Part-time (unstructured per module) (per 20 credit module)** £1,940

**There is no part-time study option for Tier 4 sponsored international students.

Further information on international course fees.

A no fee increase guarantee is available for self-funding full-time and structured part-time RUK and International undergraduate students for continuous and contiguous study for the same award, up to the permitted standard time limit for the relevant award.

Rest of the UK and EU/EEA students without a term-time address in Scotland

For students normally domiciled in the rest of the UK (England, Wales and N. Ireland), EU/EEA or international students without a term-time address in Scotland, ie studying from their home country, the following fees apply :

Full-time online per year (120 credit modules) £6,120
Part-time online (per 20 credit module) £1,020


External scholarships and financial support may be available. Contact Highland Theological College UHI for more information.

Additional Costs

  • Twice-yearly conference days provide a good opportunity for students based off-campus to meet with staff and peers

What can I do on completion of my course?

Once you have successfully completed your BA (Hons) Theological Studies course, you might like to consider careers in the following:

  • Churches
  • Chaplaincy
  • Mission agencies
  • Colleges and seminaries
  • Research

Is there more information available online?

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What our students, graduates and staff say

The lectures are fantastic. The style and structure is easy to follow: you will learn a lot and there's plenty of time for discussion which is good. This is an absolutely great place to study. My university experience could not be any better. Staff and students know each other well and help each other out.

Cate Ramos is studying on the BA (Hons) Theology at our Highland Theological College UHI campus.

My favourite aspect of the course is the week-to-week work. We’re given a list of tasks – books and articles to read, lectures to watch, sometimes even music to listen to – relating to the theme that week, to do before we discuss this in our seminar. I love doing the research for the history essays and becoming absorbed in the question, deciding how to argue my point and pushing myself to try and do better each time.

Everything is flexible in this university: location, access and programme of study which I couldn’t get anywhere else and this approach to supporting students has meant I’ve been able to keep going even when personal circumstances have made study hard.”

Beth is currently in her second year of the BA (Hons) History and Theology at Highland Theological College UHI, Dingwall.

If you are really interested in a subject and wish to study it rigorously while being able to stay at home, this university offers a wide range of good quality subjects which are easily accessible.

I studied the BA (Hons) Social Sciences at Inverness College UHI, from 2008 to 2011. During that time I enjoyed a spell as President of the university's Christian Union and I am now here again studying theology. The fact that I can stay at home and study is the main reason I chose this university.

Mark Boag, BA (Hons) Theological Studies student.

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