Inverness Science Festival

The Inverness Science Festival 2022 is going hybrid! It will feature both online and in person activities from 29 April through to 14 May.

If you have any suggestions or subjects you would like to hear about for our STEM lecture series, then please let us know at email

Inverness Science Festival | Fèis Saidheans Inbhir Nis

The Inverness Science Festival is funded by the Scottish Government and the Inverness Common Good Fund.

Funded by the Scottish Government and the Inverness Common Good Fund
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What's happening...

Try out some activities now with our online taste of the festival.

We will have four in person lectures at UHI Inverness. These look at a wide range of university research projects including alternatives to standard aircraft fuels, how observing nature can inform technological developments and an insight into electricity production methods and renewable energy sources. Further details and how to book lecture attendance.

We have our regular Family Day at Inverness Leisure on 7 May from noon to 4pm. In addition, on the 30 April, 7 May, and 14 May we will release six online activities related to attendees of the hands-on Family Day.

On 2 May and 5 May when schools are closed, we have an additional set of investigations for you. Visit our STEM Fayre on 2 May to find a whole range of science activities related to some of the university’s courses. Or hunt around the house and find what you need to do the Science Busking with us on 5 May.

We will be running two Lamppost Scavenger hunts throughout May on lampposts on High Street and Bank Street where you will find a set of questions. You can download an answer sheet here or pick one up at the Family Day on 7 May at Inverness Leisure.  Can you answer all the questions on either hunt and win a grand prize of a science hamper, a gift voucher and for one lucky child, a virtual tour / workshop of the Highland Wildlife Park for your school?

Each school day we will release a Daily Activity video giving a full set of instructions for you to follow, for example how to create and use a Caesar cipher. During the festival period we will be visiting local schools, delivering pre-booked workshops with an engineering theme.