Family Day

Family Day content

Family Day

Activities which reflect the range of interests of local community groups and partner organisations that regularly contribute to the family day. Take a look at the universities Lego challenges, can you do better?
When the competition opens, tag the ISF Facebook page (@InvSciFest) with a picture of your design and win a LEGO book.

This is a closed page, with all buttons taking you to an onscreen pdf file. 

That's it for this year's Inverness Science Festival, but please do feel free to browse through the activities below! If you want to give us any feedback regarding this area, then please complete our survey

Family Day Week 1 Activities content

Family Day Week 1 Activities

Check out the activities below with the first of our family days!

Learn about 3-D Modelling! content

Learn about 3-D Modelling!

Learn about 3-D Modelling with this video from Skills Development Scotland's 'My World of Work'!


Family Day Week 2 Activities content

Family Day Week 2 Activities

Explore this weeks activities below!

Explore the Constellations content

Explore the Constellations

Explore the constellations with Aberdeen Science Centre! The worksheet mentioned in the video can be found using the Aberdeen Science Centre button above...

Make a Wildlife Mask content

Make a Wildlife Mask

Learn how to make your own wildlife mask with TechFest!

Wildlife Investigators Worksheets

Create a Birdseed Cake! content

Create a Birdseed Cake!

TechFest will be showing us how to make a Birdseed Cake for our winged friends!

Wildlife Investigators Worksheets

Lichen Safari content

Lichen Safari

Accompany HLH Countryside Ranger Marcia Rae to Reelig Glen​ to look for Lichen. Discover some fascinating facts about Lichen and where to look for this unique symbiotic life form that is neither plant nor animal.

We have some ID tips to go with the video! Lichen

Clachtoll Beach Safari content

Clachtoll Beach Safari

Take a walk with High Life Highland's knowledgable Countryside Ranger down to Clachtoll Beach on the North Coast 500 and see what we can find. Learn how to spot otter footprints, otter mounds. See the Lazy beds, and fossil stromatolites. After you've watched the video, take the quiz!

Clachtoll Quiz

Answers to Clachtoll Beach Quiz

Family Day Week 3 Activities content

Family Day Week 3 Activities

Explore this weeks activities below!

Discover DNA content

Discover DNA

Explore DNA with TechFest!

DNA Detectives TechFest

On the Moon Storytime content

On the Moon Storytime

One for our younger audiences, it's story-time with Aberdeen Science Centre!