Events and webinars

The Learning and Teaching Academy offers a number of professional development events relating to pedagogic practice and research. These are open to colleagues from across the university, and feature a range of internal and external speakers and facilitators.

You can find further information about forthcoming events below. Please note that colleagues from the LTA are also happy contribute to learning and teaching related events being offered within other parts of the university.

Do you have research or good practice to share? Please complete a  webinar proposal form if you would like to present an LTA Connect webinar or get in touch if you have an idea for an event that you want to explore.  As well as being great fun, this kind of activity can be used to as part of an application for HEA Fellowship via the ALPINE framework.

Forthcoming events

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Mentoring: a briefing session for new and aspiring mentors for Research 03/12/2018
ALPINE: An Introduction to ALPINE 04/12/2018
Mentoring: an Introduction to the University Mentoring Scheme 05/12/2018
ALPINE: An Introduction to ALPINE 10/12/2018
Mentoring: a briefing for new and aspiring ALPINE mentors and application reviewers 18/12/2018
ALPINE: An Introduction to ALPINE 19/12/2018
Digital Education Week 21/01/2019
Digital Education Week: An Lochran Learning Lab Technologies Drop-in 21/01/2019
Digital Education Week: Access to Masters (AToM) Project 22/01/2019
University Women's Network: Meeting 22/01/2019
Digital Education Week: The Art of Video Conference Teaching 23/01/2019
Digital Education Week: Gamification for Learning and Teaching 23/01/2019
Digital Education Week: Jisc: Inspiring you 23/01/2019
Digital Education Week: Using for Learning and Teaching 24/01/2019
Digital Education Week: STEM Hub Technology Showcase 25/01/2019
LTA Connect: Negotiating vocationalism 30/01/2019
Event: International Women's Day 08/03/2019
University Women's Network: Meeting 04/06/2019