James Morrison



Research Associate, Lews Castle College


BSc. Computer Science


  • Assessment of the Grid Capacity Sharing Potential for Wave and Wind Energy Conversion Systems in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, A. Vögler and J. Morrison, EWTEC 2013, Aalborg, Denmark
  • An Empirical Analysis of Coastal Shoaling Induced Modifications to Wave Climate and its Impact on Wave Power, A. Vögler, V. Venugopal and J. Morrison, ISOPE 2013, Anchorage, Alaska
  • Wave Modelling For Potential Wave Energy Sites Around The Outer Hebrides, C. E. Greenwood, V. Venugopal, D Christie, J. Morrison and A. Vögler, OMAE 2013, Nantes, France

Research interests

Data acquisition, processing and visualisation. Scientific computing.

Other interests

Sailing, Hill walking


E: james.morrison@uhi.ac.uk

T: 01851 770405