Jennifer Loxton


Jennifer Loxton

Research Associate, Environmental Research Institute


BSc. Biochemistry and Biomedical Science

MSc. Marine Biotechnology and Biodiversity

PhD Marine Biology

Research interests

I am a Post-Doctoral Research Associate based as the Centre for Energy and the Environment and funded through the Marine Energy Research Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator (MERIKA) project. The MERIKA project is supported through the European Union Seventh Framework Programme and aims to develop UHI into a reference research and innovation hub for all of Europe on the theme of marine energy. My research focusses on the potential interactions between renewable energy devices and marine invertebrates, particularly focussing on bottom-dwelling communities.

My research interests include the biogeochemistry, structure and composition of shells and skeletons. I also have a fascination with non-native species and the specialisations that make some animals so successful at establishing themselves in new homes. Much of my research utilises scientific diving to conduct experiments in situ on the sea-floor. I have previously conducted research in both the Arctic and Antarctic, although currently most of my work takes place in the comparatively balmy waters around Orkney.


  • Loxton J, Kuklinski P, Barnes DKA, Najorka J, Spencer Jones M, Porter JS (2014)  Variability of Mg-calcite in Antarctic bryozoan skeletons across spatial scales. Marine Ecology Progress Series, doi:  10.3354/meps 10826
  • Ryland JS, Holt R, Loxton J, Spencer Jones ME, Porter JS (2014) First Occurrence of the Non-native Bryozoan Schizoporella japonica Ortmann (1890) in Western Europe. Zootaxa 3780 (3): 481-502
  • Loxton, J, Kuklinski P, Mair JM, Spencer Jones M, Porter JS, (2012) Patterns of magnesium-calcite distribution in the skeleton of some polar bryozoan species. Proceedings of the 15th International Bryozoology Association Conference
  • The distribution of Priority Marine Features and MPA search features in Orkney waters: Rousay to Copinsay including Eday Sound and points in Scapa Flow (2012) Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) commissioned report 509. Co-author.

Other interests

SCUBA diving, swimming, hiking and exploring the great outdoors.  Less energetic interests include curling up with a good book, cooking and sewing.


T: 01847 889676


Twitter: @jenloxton