Archipelago of Adventure - the return visit to Vanuatu

Staff from the Institute for Northern Studies, Orkney, visited Vanuatu again this month to continue work on a tourist qualification for Vanuatu people.

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A traditional market in Vanuatu


Professor Donna Heddle and Dr Alex Sanmark from the Institute for Northern Studies, UHI, have revisited Vanuatu this month to continue to develop their collaboration with various Vanuatu agencies and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) creating a tourist guiding qualification.

The visit included meeting with the local campus of the University of the South Pacific, local tourism workers and members of the government, as well as the High Commissions of Australia and New Zealand.

The qualification will be delivered to local people who wish to become tourist guides, giving them to opportunity to start up businesses, and earn a living wage.  The course will run from next September.

The blog from Donna and Alex's previous visit can be read here.

The project has already appeared in various news agencies.