New Publication: Northern Atlantic Islands and the Sea: Seascapes and Dreamscapes

The Centre for Nordic Studies UHI is pleased to announce the publication of their latest book Northern Atlantic Islands and the Sea: Seascapes and Dreamscapes. It is now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

This volume is the result of the 2nd St Magnus Conference ‘The Northern Isles and the Sea’ held in 2014, in Lerwick. The chapters reflect the varied origins of the contributors. There are contributions by Icelanders, Orcadians and Shetlanders, indicating the strength of scholarship in these archipelagos.

The book will be of interest to scholars of a wide range of disciplines, such as island studies, cultural studies, Old Norse literature, Icelandic studies, maritime heritage, oceanography, linguistics, folklore, British studies, ethnology, and archaeology. Similarly, it will also appeal to researchers from a wide geographical area, particularly the UK, and Scandinavia, and indeed anywhere where there is an interest in the study of islands or the North Atlantic. The book was edited by Dr Andrew Jennings, Dr Silke Reeploeg and Dr Angela Watt.