New Visiting Research Fellow for Institute for Northern Studies

Caroline Wickham Jones

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Underwater archaeology

The Institute for Northern Studies is delighted to announce that we have a new Visiting Research Fellow. Caroline Wickham-Jones is a well-known Orkney based archaeologist who has written prolifically on many aspects of Orkney’s distant history.  She is currently working on two projects both of which have great relevance to the northern world – one to examine the way in which the landscape of Orkney has changed over the millennia, especially as a result of past sea-level rise, and the second to develop the exciting new evidence that pushes the settlement of Scotland back into the Palaeolithic, four or five thousand years earlier than we previously thought.  Underwater archaeology, is the topic of her INS public seminar next Wednesday. 

Caroline said ‘I am very pleased to have a formal association with INS and UHI –  it really makes sense of my research interests and position living here, and I look forward to working more closely with INS and their students.'

Caroline’s website gives more information on her publications and research interests.

The public seminar, Lost worlds: archaeology under the ocean, is on Wednesday 24th April, 7.30pm in Orkney College.  Entry is free and all are welcome.