New book from Institute for Northern Studies book series The North Atlantic World

New book from The North Atlantic World series 'History, Landscape, and Language in the Northern Isles and Caithness ‘A'm grippit dis laand’. A Gedenkschrift for Doreen Waugh' by Ryan Foster and Christian Cooijmans


Doreen Waugh was a native Shetlander and a well-renowned scholar of Old Norse and Gaelic place-names in Northern Scotland and the Northern Isles. Not only did Waugh’s research significantly advance scholarly understanding of the ‘Viking’ settlement of the North Atlantic, her generosity with both her time and knowledge inspired and motivated a wide range of scholars from a variety of disciplines, from archaeology and history to historical geography, linguistics, and place-name studies.

Based on — and written in tribute to — Waugh’s work, this interdisciplinary volume draws together essays covering Northern Scotland, the Northern Isles, and beyond, both during and after the early medieval period. The contributions gathered here draw on Waugh’s wider-ranging research interests to offer a range of novel insights into the many communities, cultures, and customs that have characterized and connected the Northern Isles and their North Atlantic neighbours.

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