New Course! CertHE Highland Heritage for Tourism

Explore Scotland's fascinating heritage and develop skills to set you up for success in hospitality, tour guiding heritage, and tourism.

The UHI Institute for Northern Studies new course, CertHE Highland Heritage for Tourism*, takes a deep dive into Scotland's amazing history and active tourism industry.  Over 1-year studying full-time or 2 years studying part-time you'll get to explore Scotland's fascinating heritage and you'll gain skills that'll set you up for success in hospitality, tour guiding heritage, and tourism. Our course covers everything from the roots of Scotland's heritage to its current sense and where it's headed in the tourism world.

We're not just about facts and figures. We'll introduce you to the skills you need to thrive in this exciting industry, and you'll get a mix of academic critique and real-world know-how that will set you up for success in the industry. We analyse the world of tourism from all angles, touching on everything from history and social anthropology to cultural studies.

We'll chat about the nitty-gritty of tourism and what makes it tick, how it affects different places and cultures, what role tech plays and cover topics like sustainability, safety and entrepreneurship. When you graduate, you'll be ready for anything – whether you're into event management, hospitality, preserving culture, becoming a self-motivated tour guide, or shaping the future of tourism, you'll have the skills to make it happen.

More about the course and how to apply or call 01856 569303

*subject to validation