Orkney, Scotland and Norway: Stories in music and verse

The Institute for Northern Studies, UHI invites you to an evening of music and poetry celebrating the St Magnus Symposium and Year of Stories 2022.

7pm Thursday 1 September at St Magnus Cathedral

The Institute for Northern Studies at UHI and the Year of Stories 2022 is proud to present an incredible free concert celebrating the links between Orkney and Scotland and Norway. The evening will showcase some of the very best Orkney-based musicians, who will play music from Orkney, Scotland and Norway. Ian Crockatt will perform translated verses by Earl Rǫgnvaldr Kali Kolsson, as well as new compositions inspired by the story of his life, in the cathedral he himself had built. This event is part of the St Magnus Symposium and will allow locals and visitors alike to experience the best of Orkney’s culture past and present in one of Orkney’s most iconic buildings.


Heather Woodbridge
Karen Tweed
Douglas Montgomery
The Young Eeens
Ian Crockatt