This gallery features a selection of thought-provoking images on the themes of ruination & decay.

You can read more about some of the images by Dr Elizabeth Ritchie in the open-access journal article "Yes after No: The Indyref Landscape, 2014"

You can read about the image by Dr Ragnhild Ljosland in her blog article reflecting on the themes of ruination & decay

We welcome further submissions with one or two lines of text to accompany each image. This might be factual information about the image itself or a reflection on how the image speaks to the themes.

"Grandfathers house" Mangaia Cook Islands (Colin Richards)'Orcadia', deserted wartime cinema at HMS Tern airfield, Orkney (Sue Dyke)Abandoned house, Nageezi, New Mexico (Donald Helfrich)Albuquerque Railyards (Donald Helfrich)Albuquerque Railyards, Donald HelfrichArnol, Lewis, Blackhouse Ruins (Elizabeth Ritchie)Banished Piano, Hillswick, Shetland (Donald Helfrich)Beauly Priory (Elizabeth Ritchie)Bettyhill (Elizabeth Ritchie)Broch of Burraland, Shetland (Donald Helfrich)Caboose, Lamy, New Mexico (Donald Helfrich)Castle Girnigoe - Caithness (Elizabeth Ritchie)Cromarty post Referendum (Elizabeth Ritchie)Edinburgh 2014 post Referendum (Elizabeth Ritchie)Edinburgh, 2014, post Referendum (Elizabeth Ritchie)Ex Transit, Eday, Orkney (Donald Helfrich)Fethaland Haaf Station, Shetland (Donald Helfrich)Final Docking, Mangaia Cook Islands (Colin Richards)Fire still lit - by sunlight. Deserted farmstead, Caithness (Sue Dyke)Fort Union Jail, New Mexico (Donald Helfrich)Grass grows over a large rope washed up on Tiree (Joanna Rodgers)Great Bernera, Lewis (Elizabeth Ritchie)Hoswick, Shetland (Donald Helfrich)House near Cashtel Yn Ard, Isle of Man, 2011 (Donald Helfrich)KT boundary Petrified Log De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico (Donald Helfrich)Ortie abandoned village, Sanday (Ragnhild Ljosland)Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Cultural Center WHS, 9th-12th c. AD (Donald Helfrich)Rope washed up on Tiree (Joanna Rodgers)Ruined Ancestral Home, Tiree (Archie Henderson)Ruined corn kiln, Tafts, Quandale, Rousay, Orkney (Sue Dyke)Ruined croft house, Crockness, Island of Hoy, Orkney (Sue Dyke)Ruined shieling hut, Isle of Lewis (Iain Robertson)Sleitel, north coast (Elizabeth Ritchie)Stornoway - post Referendum (Elizabeth Ritchie)The remains of the Mary Stewart in Scarinish Harbour, Tiree (Joanna Rodgers)Thunder Range test site, central New Mexico, 2006 (Donald Helfrich)Thunder Range test site, central New Mexico, 2006 (Donald Helfrich)Truchas, New Mexico (Donald Helfrich)Wagon & Wheel Hub, Fort Union, New Mexico (Donald Helfrich)Washed up creel, Balephuil Beach, Tiree (Joanna Rodgers)World War II hut, Rinnigall, Island of Hoy, Orkney (Sue Dyke)Abandoned House Mangaia Cook Islands (Colin Richards)Barn door at Ostoft, Shapinsay (Emma Grieve)Not in Use, Stromness (Emma Grieve)Rust Print Cropped (Vicki Redpath-Watson)Rust Studies (Vicki Redpath-Watson)Rusty Objects Collagraph (Vicki Redpath-Watson)Rusty Objects Sketchbook (Vicki Redpath-Watson)St Peter (Vicki Redpath-Watson)‘Samhuinn’, sheepskull and peat, 2019. Maya Reid, BAhons (year 3)