Challenge Fund Case Studies


The aim of this work was to begin creating a strategy that will function to guide and prioritise current energy heritage initiatives and underpin future ones (e.g., field recording, archiving, curation, oral histories, heritage centre etc). For the full report, click here.

The project was conducted as a gap analysis of the skills and capacity requirements of the net zero transition. Information was gathered through semi-structured interviews with members of Shetland Net Zero, representing a subset of the Shetland business community with interests in the net zero transition. Results of the study highlighted the challenges posed by existing workforce constraints, particularly in the engineering and skilled trades, and the compounding difficulties in meeting capacity requirements with Shetland’s limited housing, small population and low unemployment rates. 

Recommendations for further work include growing the capacity of Shetland Net Zero in its role supporting growth opportunities for the local business community; continued evaluation of skills and capacity needs on a sector-by-sector basis to de-risk skills provision and business development; and socio-economic assessment of Shetland’s working population to strategize targeted recruitment to emerging opportunities. For the full report, click here.