Student Support Initiative Awards


We understand that a satisfying student experience not only depends on what happens within the classroom. Often the support that a student receives, and the developmental opportunities they are presented with, can make all the difference to them persisting with their studies and being successful.

We know that there are many imaginative and engaging projects right across the university designed to support our students to be all they can be. To recognise this, we have established an annual Student Support Initiative Award.

The purpose of the award is to help identify and share good practice in student support. It is given to an innovative student support project or initiative that has positively enhanced the student experience in their academic lives or personal wellbeing. It is not only about winning the award: all of the projects are shared with colleagues so they can adopt the ideas themselves.

We hope you enjoy reading about these great initiatives. If you would like to discuss them, or have ideas of your own, please contact our Dean of Students - Dr Iain Morrison -