Online learning tools


Online learning degrees at the University of the Highlands and Islands deliver accredited course content using a variety of cutting-edge eLearning technologies!

Our online learning tools have been specially developed to ensure that no matter what course of study you choose - you will have a fantastic learning experience with the University.

The blend of technologies used will vary depending on your chosen online learning programme, but it’s likely that you will be using some or all of the following online learning resources:

Video Conference (VC)

UHI’s world-class video conferencing facilities give online students access to the same high quality tutoring received by every other student attending the University of the Highlands and Islands. Our highly advanced VC technology enables us to effectively connect staff and students at any number of UHI campuses, or any other site worldwide.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Brightspace, the university's Virtual Learning Environment connects you to your online learning materials and enables you to access and submit course assessments. Just as important however is the facility to communicate with your tutors and other students through discussion boards, forums and live chat.

UHI 24hr Helpdesk Service

The University operates a 24 hour helpdesk service 365 days of the year which means that (wherever you are) you will never be without the support of an experienced technical team.

UHI Online Learning Community

Mahara is a growing student social media platform where you can meet and get to know other students in UHI's online learning community. Set apart from the ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ - Mahara is a space where both online and residential students can mix, socialise and learn.