Our climate commitment


The University of the Highlands and Islands acknowledges the Scottish Government’s climate emergency declaration in May 2019, and welcomes the changes set out in the Climate Change (Duties of Public Bodies: Reporting Requirements) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2020.

Each public body within the university partnership has individual responsibility for collating and submitting their own return (published on the Sustainable Scotland Network website), and through 2020 we have worked with EAUC Scotland to develop emissions data for the academic partners that are not public bodies.

In 2020 the university partnership published our first Partnership Carbon Management and Sustainability Plan, covering 2020-2023. The plan outlined four key workstreams for the partnership, with the workstreams ‘Regional Carbon Footprint’ and ‘Awareness Raising and Shaping Pro-Environment Behaviour’ having direct links with the new Government reporting requirements. To oversee this work a new cross-partnership group, the Carbon Management and Sustainability Project Board, has been created comprising estates, facilities and finance practitioners. In addition to the partnership-wide work several academic partners have their own Carbon Management Plans which focus on local work and targets.

Building on progress to date, and illustrating our ongoing commitment to contributing to the achievement of a zero carbon world, we are now seeking to take forward a range of other initiatives such as  the creation of an academic-led carbon management and sustainability group to focus on the curriculum and research aspects of our work.

Environment and Sustainability Group content

Environment and Sustainability Group

The university also supports a student-led Environment and Sustainability Group.

Established in 2018, stemming from the work of the 2017/18 Student Partnership Agreement, it is open to all students and staff from across the university partnership. The group serves as a forum to identify opportunities for improvement and explore how best to engage students and staff to promote more sustainable behaviours and practice.

The group has been involved in national campaigns as well as running its own events such as the annual 'Green Week'.  Students and staff who are interested in joining or finding out more about the group can contact studentengagement@uhi.ac.uk.