2004 Honorary Fellowships


Professor Judith George OBE
Prof George was presented for the award by Rosemary Thompson, Principal North Highland College UHI.

Colin MacKay awards Hon Fellowship to Prof George

Dr Val MacIver OBE
Dr Val MacIver was one of the initial promoters of the University of the Highlands and Islands project (as UHI Millennium Institute was formally known) and is a former vice chair of the UHI Board of Governors. Dr MacIver was presented for the award by Gordon Dargie, Principal of Shetland College UHI.

Colin MacKay awards Dr MacIver

Professor Timothy O'Shea BSc, PhD, FRSE
Prof Timothy O'Shea is Principal and Vice Chancellor of The University of Edinburgh and a member of the UHI advisory group established by the former Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong learning, Iain Gray. Prof O'Shea was presented for the award by Sir Alistair MacFarlane.

TO'Shea receives award from Colin MacKay

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
An award of an honorary fellowship is also to be given to Orkney based composer, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. However Sir Peter was unable to attend the event itself as he was at the last night of the proms, where one of his works was performed.