Ellen Grieve

BA (Hons) Applied Music content

BA (Hons) Applied Music

"Throughout the last ten years I have gained a huge amount of experience of the problems that students face, particularly in distance learning as Applied Music was one of the first degrees to be taught through blended learning. I enjoyed helping new students with a great variety of issues, I became a sort of unofficial mentor by default because I had been there so long. I enjoy helping people, it is what I do all day every day.

I am currently studying for a Masters in Music and the Environment, part-time, as I am employed full-time by NHS Orkney as the Senior Pharmacy Technician for Hospital Medicines management and vaccines. I help to look after patients, ensuring that they are receiving the correct medication. We also order and look after all the medicines used in the hospital, and all the vaccines for NHS Orkney. This includes all the Covid and flu vaccines so I have had a very busy year.

I am also the Special Constable for Police Scotland on the Island of Rousay where I stay, I have done this for 35 years and I play my accordion a lot in the community. I also clean the public toilets in Rousay which funds me to have fun studying!

I have loved my time at UHI, trying to ensure that I enjoyed every minute of my studies. Applied Music was great. I spent five years on the Orkney College Management Committee and the LTQC as well which gave me a great insight into how the college and UHI work."

Ellen Grieve

"My son took a graduation photo of me in the hospital where I have played for eight months at lunchtimes to try and help keep up morale amongst the patients and staff."

  • Mentoring
  • Happy to talk to prospective and current students
  • Can provide CV or interview advice