Archaeology and Local Studies


Broch of Gurness

Archaeology and Local Studies is a course which can be taken in order to provide extra qualifications to access the UHI’s archaeology degrees, and is a first year module in some degrees.  It is also open to anyone who’s just interested in learning a bit more about the archaeology of their area, and archaeology generally. It will involve 2 hours per week taught classes, in the late afternoon, for 10 weeks, via video conferencing, and students will be expected to prepare and present a project based on their classes and their own research, with support from the tutor, which will be assessed for the final mark.  Teaching material, links and readings will be made available through the UHI virtual learning network, on which students will be registered, and help in learning to use the computer resources will be given.  In total the course should take 200 hours work to complete, and is worth 20 credits.

This course would suit anyone who’s keen to learn about archaeology and willing to commit to doing some work in their own time.  Teaching will focus on the archaeology and history of local areas in the north of Scotland, using local tutors for support where necessary.  There are no restrictions on entry, and it’s a good opportunity to learn whether archaeology is the subject for you, if you might be interested to study further at university level.

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