Remote teaching


This information is for staff delivering programmes during the current coronavirus outbreak, including staff who are new to online teaching. There are 10 main pages - see the navigation on the left hand side or use the buttons at the bottom of each page to move to the next page.

Please visit this page regularly for updates. Remember to refresh your browser.
06/04/2020 11:00 am and 16:30pm: link to Mentoring circle coffee mornings to support online learning and teaching added to navigation and page on Synchronous online teaching recommendations added

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Keeping in contact

You will have agreed communication protocols with your line manager, and other colleagues as appropriate. Keep checking the UHI coronavirus information page and this page for latest information, including any changes to learning and teaching support.

In addition, if working from home, please check your emails and (teaching staff) log in to Brightspace at least once a day, during normal working hours.

Preparatory checks for teaching from home

Staff require a good upload speed and students require a good download speed for acceptable synchronous communication - an absolute minimum of 2.4MB/s upload and download broadband speed, and the higher the better. All staff and students should test their home set-up. Use the speedcheck test at the bottom of the Buying your own device page. Broadband speeds are variable depending on the time of day.

If broadband speed is poor, it is possible to set up a link with a smartphone if there is good 4G, but this will be subject to charges unless you are on an unlimited data contract.

Software must be up to date, see the Buying your own device page for the university’s recommended minimum computer specifications, free MS office downloads and a connection speed checker. Staff should also backup their bookmarks and know the URLs of the services. See the Teaching staff resources page (requires login).

MyUHI limited capacity

The MyUHI system can only support a limited number of users. Please only use MyUHI to access services which cannot be accessed directly from your home PC or laptop. SharePoint, email, Brightspace, Stream and Unidesk can all be accessed from our home PC or laptop.

Students with additional support requirements / PLSPs

  1. Consider setting up individual Skype / telephone / Bongo / email communication arrangements if appropriate.
  2. Ensure learning materials are accessible, see the Blended Learning Standards Accessibility Checklist and EDU guidance: Accessibility in digital content and Creating accessible PDFs.
  3. Create FAQ page linked to the Help section of your unit/module in the Brightspace.

Brightspace virtual learning environment (VLE)

All FE and HE courses, modules and units have a space automatically created in the VLE providing there are students enrolled on the unit/module. If any of your modules or units are missing, raise a Unidesk ticket by going to the Virtual Learning tile and select the appropriate Brightspace ticket.

If your programme is normally taught face-to-face, there is support and guidance from EDU on how to get started on the EDU support portal.

Brightspace Pulse app

Brightspace Pulse is an app for handheld devices (Android and iOS) that can help you to stay informed about the content in your units or modules. Pulse is a notification centre and planning tool and connects seamlessly with Brightspace itself. To learn more about it and where to download it, read the EDU’s Pulse app student guide.