Section 5 - Our copyright policy


Information obtained from this publication scheme cannot be copied or reproduced without formal permission. Such permission will usually be granted provided it is copied or reproduced accurately, is not used in a misleading context and provided that the source of the material is identified and the copyright status acknowledged.

Copyright material must not be copied, distributed, modified, reproduced, transmitted, published (including published on the Internet or an intranet), or otherwise made available in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the copyright holder or as expressly permitted under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998. Should the university agree to give consent to the use of the information, then the university must be credited as having done so.

The University of the Highlands and Islands will assert its Intellectual Property Rights & Copyright where it is appropriate.

The publication scheme may, however, contain information where the copyright holder is not the University.  In most cases the copyright holder will be obvious from the documents.  In cases where the copyright is unclear, however, it is the responsibility of the person accessing the information to locate and seek the permission of the copyright holder before reproducing the material or in any other way breaching the rights of the copyright holder.  Wherever possible, this scheme will indicate where we do not own the copyright on documents within Section 12 – Classes of Information.

Information about Crown copyright material is available on the website of the Queen’s Printer for Scotland at We can provide you with a copy of this information if you do not have internet access.