BSc Oral Health Sciences


Following research carried out on the student’s perceptions of the development and assessment of their graduate attributes, Lizzie Hall has developed the Graduate Attributes Portfolio.  Her research highlighted two key considerations in engaging with the graduate attributes.  Firstly, the need to investigate ways in which tutors can make their methods for developing graduate attributes more visible to students and secondly the need to explore alternative options for assessing attainment of graduate attributes.  Feedback from research participants indicated the need to develop a more holistic, longitudinal approach to developing and reviewing engagement with the graduate attributes.  Lizzie’s research found that, although the students generally have a good understanding of the 5 graduate attribute themes, they did not find the current process of a one off reflective submission for each module to be helpful in increasing their engagement. They do however value feedback from tutors and peers in helping them recognise their development.

The graduate attributes portfolio encourages students to reflect on their development throughout their time as a student and provide evidence of how they are working to achieve them. Students will review their portfolios with their personal academic tutor at regular intervals providing the opportunity for the feedback that the students requested. This is an exciting development:

“We are piloting this system with BSc Oral Health Sciences students during the academic year 2020/21 and will review it next summer. Students, tutors and PATs have been be provided with guidance and templates including a video tutorial on using the portfolio.  Whilst what I have produced is specific for the Oral Health Sciences course, I think it could easily be adapted to other programmes and I would be happy to share the guidance and templates”.

For more information on her research and the pilot please contact

Lizzie Hall