Our graduates


Theresa MackayTheresa Mackay, MLitt History of the Highlands and Islands

Theresa, who lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, completed her MLitt History of the Highlands and Islands (with distinction) in 2016. This culminated in writing a piece of original research on female innkeepers. Although the course is fully online, she visited the Centre for History team in Dornoch on several occasions, joining in fieldtrips run by Dr Elizabeth Ritchie. She says, "I decided later in life to finally study what I was passionate about, so I started the MLitt course not really knowing where it might take me. I can now say it has completely transformed my life, resulting in professional opportunities both at home and abroad that I never thought possible. My work in museums, heritage, tourism, and consulting, has been enhanced tremendously and my perspective on what it means to be a global Scot has been forever changed. Studying with students from around the world in the supportive academic community fostered by the UHI Centre for History faculty and staff has provided a rich learning environment and has given me a network I will now have for life. The MLitt is a brilliant course and an excellent experience that I will never forget.” Upon completion of her course, Theresa was offered a teaching position at Royal Roads University and is now considering her PhD. 

Paul Ellison, BA History and Politics

I completed a BA in History and Politics at Inverness College UHI, graduating in 2016.  My study routine was a little different to most other students as I work full-time (also at the university) and so studied my degree part-time.  This made for a very busy and, at times, rather intensive routine, but one that was immensely rewarding, especially when receiving positive feedback for assignments.  It was also satisfying once I organised to make my studying ‘fit’ around my working hours and week, and was still able to find time for a social life – at the weekend at least!

I feel I am now much more analytical in evaluating projects in my professional work and in dealing with issues and situations in my personal life.  I am also a much better and far more concise writer or debater.  But mostly it is the confidence gained from being at university among like-minded students and lecturers, and the immense satisfaction and accomplishment at achieving something significant over such a long period (five years of study).  I am very happy in my current job and have undertaken my studies mostly for professional development and interest in the subject matter, so I don’t have immediate plans to change my present circumstances.  But, of course, having gained a significant academic award while working full-time means I have very much strengthened my C.V.  This has only been possible for me through studying with the Centre for History at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

History graduateRhona McQueen, BA History and Politics 

Rhona completed her BA in History and Politics at Moray College UHI, graduating in 2016. Rhona continues to work in Elgin Library, as she has done throughout her studies. She is due to begin a distance learning postgraduate course in Genaeology, Palaeography and Heraldic Studies at Strathclyde University in January, with the aim of working in the heritage sector.

Tracy Metcalfe, BA (Hons) Scottish History

I completed a BA (Hons) Scottish History degree at Moray College UHI, graduating in 2015.  I particularly enjoyed the research I did and my research skills are now excellent.  My favourite time-period in history is from about 1650 onwards and I especially enjoy social history.  My dissertation was an examination of the Morayshire Union Poorhouse. I received a grant of £250 from the Economic History Society to fund travel and accommodation costs when researching my dissertation at the Archives in Aberdeen where digitised copies of Morayshire's poor relief records were kept.

I also became involved with the student union, was a student rep and a student mentor.  All of these positions were voluntary and I gained valuable experience in supporting students and acting on their behalf.  I feel that the extra skills I learned with my degree helped me get my current job as Humanities Lecturer at Inverness College UHI, as not only has it given me a good grounding in history but has developed my organisational skills, IT skills, writing skills (I look back at my first year essays and think "awww ...") and most of all, my confidence.  I now have faith in my abilities and confidence in myself - and it is UHI and the Centre for History that have given me that.

Michael Fraser, BA (Hons) Scottish History and Archaeology

Michael Fraser graduated from the BA (Hons) Scottish History and Archaeology at our Inverness College UHI campus. The opportunity to study for two years in Finland during his undergraduate studies was his favourite aspect. He explains: “I spent two years in Finland where I participated in video conference lectures remotely and had a great experience learning Finnish Archaeology. I wrote my undergraduate project comparing Finnish Stone Age to Scottish.”

After successfully completing his undergraduate degree, Michael progressed on to our MLitt Archaeological Studies and is now employed as a Senior Tour Guide at Glenmorangie distillery.

Some of our 2015 graduates

graduatesLeft to right: Dr Elizabeth Ritchie, History Lecturer; Ian Mackay, MLitt History of the Highlands and Islands; David Taylor, PhD; Graham Hannaford, MLitt History of the Highlands and Islands; Dr David Worthington, Head of the Centre for History. Both Ian Mackay and Graham Hannaford hope to go on to study for a Phd, whilst Dr David Taylor is enjoying well-deserved retirement in Orkney.

Colin Campbell, BA (Hons) History and Politics, being presented with his degree at Moray College UHI by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Chancellor of the University of the Highlands and Islands. Colin is now studying towards an MSc Interpretation Management and Practice at UHI.

Alistair Ross, graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Scottish History and Archaeology from Lews Castle College UHI. Alistair, who was a bank manager in a previous life, and formerly a member of the Lews Castle College board, re-entered education full-time in 2011, after a gap of nearly 50 years.

Catriona, Holly and Chris

Three of our Inverness College UHI graduates: Catriona Morrison, BA (Hons) Scottish History; Holly Marshman (née Grubb), BA (Hons) Scottish History and Chris Marshman BA (Hons) History.