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Where will your research take you? content

Where will your research take you?

We are celebrating our Postgraduate Research Community today, 26 June, as our students are meeting for our annual Postgraduate Research Day to exchange ideas and discuss their findings! 

Dr Jim MacPherson, our PGR Coordinator noted: 'it’s one of my favourite days of the year. It’s always so inspiring to hear all about the latest research being done by our wonderful group of PGR students – from illicit whisky distilling in nineteenth-century Badenoch, to re-enactment in dress history, to Scots in Tierra del Fuego, there’s so much amazing research being done by these students.'

PGR Day is one of the many ways in which our diverse cohort of students come together to share their ideas and experience. At UHI Centre for History, we are fortunate to have PGR students studying from a variety of locations across Scotland, the UK, and the wider world. From students at the very start of their research to those approaching submission of their thesis, PGR students are a vital and valued part of our research community.

Three of our PhD students also took the time to reflect on their research journey thus far - focusing on things that have surprised them, what sparked their interest in the first place and the reasons they chose to do their PhD through UHI Centre for History. You can find out more from Pilar, Vicki and Charlotte below. 


If you would like to learn more about the research undertaken by our current or past Postgraduate Research students, you can find further details on our Postgraduate research page. If you are considering commencing doctoral studies and would like to identify a potential supervisor, you can find further details on our staff's research interests through the individual staff profiles