Our staff


Centre for History Staff

Professor David Worthington  Head of the Centre for History
Dr Alison Chand Lecturer 
Dr Lucy Dean Lecturer
Dr Rachel Davis Teaching Assistant
Professor Marjory Harper Senior Researcher
Professor James Hunter Senior Researcher
Dr Linsey Hunter Lecturer 
Dr Iain MacInnes Senior Lecturer
Dr Jim MacPherson Senior Lecturer
Dr Nicola Martin Lecturer 
Dr Elizabeth Ritchie Senior Lecturer
Dr Iain J. M. Robertson Reader in History
Dr Louisa Taylor Lecturer
Dr Tom Turpie Teaching Assistant
Dr Katy Turton University Teacher
Dr Philippa Woodcock Lecturer
Dr Kathrin Zickermann Lecturer

Centre for History Associate Staff

Professor Elizabeth Ewan Visiting Professor
Professor Carl Griffin Visiting Professor                                   
Professor John MacKenzie Visiting Professor
Professor Keir Reeves Visiting Professor