Wade Cormack PhD


Postgraduate researcher

Sport and Physical Education in the Northern Mainland Burghs of Scotland c. 1600-1800

Supervised by Dr David Worthington, Dr Elizabeth Ritchie and Dr Alastair Durie


Wade joined the UHI Centre for History as the recipient of the Royal Dornoch Golf Club / UHI Development Office-funded Royal Dornoch PhD Studentship and commenced his study in September 2013. Hailing from Canada, Wade holds a BAS (Hons) and a MA in History from the University of Guelph.

Wade's research explored the history of sport and culture in the Moray Firth region from the 17th to the 19th century. His research looked into the cultural factors that influenced sporting practices through an examination of archery, golf, football and shinty, while also investigating sport's place in festival celebrations. As part of his studentship, Wade worked closely with the Royal Dornoch Golf Club to help celebrate the 400th anniversary of golf in Dornoch during 2016 and engaged with the public through a series of public talks and events.

In addition to his historical research, Wade likes to get out and enjoy the links with a round or two of golf, if he is not out exploring the Highlands on foot. 

You can read more about Wade’s research in this article from the journal Sport in History.

 400 years of golf in Dornoch