Yarns and Yarns

Yarns and Yarns: A virtual knitting and storytelling circle around the North content

Yarns and Yarns: A virtual knitting and storytelling circle around the North

Hands knitting overlaid a view of earth from space

These are the recorded sessions from our popular Yarns and Yarns a virtual knitting and storytelling circle. Watch or join in while groups knit while listening to tales of woolen and textile artists and crafters from around the North. 

Yarns and Yarns is organised by the members of UArctic's Thematic Network on Northern and Arctic Island Studies Research

Yarns and Yarns: St John's, Newfoundland, Canada content

Yarns and Yarns: St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Recorded on the 24 January 2023


This is the first Yarns and Yarns event and was live from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada with the regular weekly knitting group at the St. John’s Public Library! Make yourself a cup of tea, tune in, and knit along as we hook up with friends and colleagues and have a virtual chat with Siun Carden about her woolly experiences from Shetland!  All knitters, story lovers, and textile enthusiasts are welcome. 

Yarns and Yarns: North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland content

Yarns and Yarns: North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Recorded on the 18 April 2023

Join the 2nd session of our knitting and storytelling circle around the North with Meg Rodgers from North Uist, Monkia Ravnanger and Hege Therese Nilsen from Osterøy Museum, Bergen, Norway, Dana MacPhee from Uist Wool, Grimsby, Outer Hebrides, and the North Uist Knitting Group.

Meg Rodger, North Uist, Outer Hebrides

Meg Rodger will discuss croft life on Berneray in the Outer Hebrides and her Hebridean North Atlantic sheep. She will introduce her yarn business The Birlinn Yarn Company and some of her knitwear designs. She will then tell the story of how the outstanding Viking female leader Audur the Deepminded led her to Iceland, Norway and back resulting in an art exhibition which involved the making of a Viking varafeld cloak from many of the North Atlantic sheep breeds.

Monika Ravnanger and Hege Therese Nilsen , Osterøy Museum, Bergen, Norway

Monika Ravnanger will join us from Osterøy Museum, Bergen in Norway. She will talk about varafeld, woven cloaks worn by the Vikings and made on warp weighted looms. Hege Therese Nilsen, Arts and crafts consultant in Hordaland, will talk about traditional knitting techniques from Osterøy and beyond.

Dana MacPhee, Uist Wool, Grimsby, Outer Hebrides

Dana MacPhee will talk about Uist Wool a spinning Mill & Wool Centre based on the island of Grimsay, North Uist. Fleece and fibre is bought directly from selected wool growers and crofters in the Islands & Highlands and graded, washed, carded & spun at the Mill on restored heritage machinery. Uist Wool produces handknitting and weaving yarns using natural blends of wool & fibre and commissions woven textiles from independent weavers on the Isle of Harris, Mull and Buckie. As a small community enterprise, Uist Wool also supports projects with educational, environmental and creative purposes that align with its charitable aims.

North Uist Knitting Group

We will then hear from the local North Uist and Berneray knitting group with regards to local knitting patterns, spinning and sheep keeping.