Developing International Connections for Island Studies

Island Studies at UHI continues to develop new and exciting international connections. Dr Gerard Prinsen from Massey University delivered a well received seminar from New Zealand (7 am his time) on the MLitt Island Studies Governance in Small Island module. This adds to the increasing number of international speakers who have spoken to UHI island studies students. For example, Dr Laurie Brinklow from UPEI, recently delivered a seminar from Prince Edward Island on the Selling Cold Islands module. Dr Prisen and Dr Andrew Jennings have also delivered seminars on the postgrad island studies course at UPEI in Canada. These seminars are the first results of the developing international island studies collaboration between Prince Edward Island, New Zealand and UHI.  Prinsen, Jennings and Brinklow are preparing a joint research paper on a comparative analysis of early negotiations on islands' sovereignty, focusing on Prince Edward Island, New Zealand, and Shetland in the early 20th century.