Institute for Northern Studies Online Public Seminars

Our regular public seminars are on hold while we are in lockdown. Welcome to our new online public seminars!

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Eynhallow on a summer evening

Institute for Northern Studies are proud to present a series of online public seminars led by some of our Visiting Staff.  The seminars are open to everyone via Webex Teams.

Thursday 7th May 2020, at 2pm:

The first seminar is by Caroline Wickham Jones, Visiting Fellow of INS:

'Nowhere else I’d rather be: A personal view of the archaeology of Orkney and why it is special'.

Recording of the seminar available here



Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 2pm:

The second seminar is by Dr David Griffiths, Reader and Associate Professor in Archaeology, University of Oxford, snd Visiting Reader of INS:

'Birsay and Skaill: archaeological landscapes of Orkney's West Mainland'.


Wednesday 1st July 2020, at 2pm

The third seminar is by Dr Natascha Mehler, Senior Researcher at the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, Docent at the Department of Prehistory and Historical Archaeology, University of Vienna, and Visiting Reader at INS:

'The Northern Isles of Scotland during the 16th century: archaeological perspectives on proto-global trade connections.'


More seminars are being planned.


How to join:

Option 1 (the simplest way of joining):

Option 2  (may take a little time to set up):

  • Download Webex teams ahead of the seminar. At the start of the seminar, open Webex and enter Meeting Number 146609505


Other options: