Welcome to Visiting Researcher Dr Irene Garcia Losquino

Dr Irene Garcia Losquino is visiting the Institute for Northern Studies in Perth in February and March

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Dr Irene Garcia Losquino

Irene is a María Zambrano Research Fellow at the University of Santiago de Compostela where she investigates Viking presence in areas of the Viking diaspora with low levels of Norse settlement. Her specialty in recent years has been Viking contact with Iberia. During her time as a visiting researcher at UHI, Irene is excited to utilise her interdisciplinary skills to collaborate with the INS staff on work on Viking-Age Scotland and the current research project The Norse and the Sea. She is particularly interested in place-names and assembly.

Irene received her PhD on runology from University of Aberdeen in 2013 and, since then, she has worked in institutions in Sweden, Scotland and Spain, including a postdoctoral Bernadotte Fellowship at the Onomastics Department at the University of Uppsala.