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Physical activity (active health) is recognised to be a powerful intervention in both the prevention and management of long-term conditions. In addition to the health benefits, it is a key focus of industry growth in areas such as, fitness and well-being and tourism. For example, in the Highlands walking, cycling and other outdoor pursuits are key parts of adventure tourism, which employs over 3000 people across Scotland, contributing almost £350m to the economy (adventure tourism in Scotland; Highlands and Islands Enterprise, 2015).

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The primary aim of the Active Health and Wellbeing University Innovation Fund is to encourage economic growth of local businesses and 3rd sector organisations with active health at their core.

We have launched the 3rd round of our Active Health and Wellbeing Fund (AHWF) - for project delivery in 2022

Funding is available from the AHWF for short-term collaborative projects between the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and Scotland’s physical activity and health commercial and voluntary sectors.

The AHWF at a glance:

  • Grants will be awarded in the region of £5,000 and £10,000
  • The project will typically be 1-6 months in duration
  • Projects will be delivered in collaboration between an organisation(s) and UHI.
  • Collaborations will be between a company and UHI
  • The AHWF will cover the academic project costs and is paid directly to the University
  • Companies will be expected to contribute cash or in kind (such as staff time, materials or equipment) or a combination of both

Previously funded projects:

  • Bradley S, Matthews K, Gorely T, Munoz SA. Collaborative scoping exercise to examine the feasibility of three active health options for young people and families in three Highland communities.
  • Bradley S, Smith H, Walter K, Gorely T, Munoz SA. UHI evaluation of the Active Health Link Worker Project.
  • Gorely T, Masterton C, Leslie S. Exploring the use of Football Fans in Training as a mode of delivery for cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Megson I, Brunetti A, Treweeke A. Antioxidant extracts from micro-algae for cardiometabolic health: an in vitro pilot study.

Key Dates

Enquiries and Submission Dates


All applications must be received by

5pm, 31 August 2021

Assessment Panel is expected to meet and agree awards

September 2021

Funds need to be at least committed/preferably spent by


What to Do Next?

If you have a project idea, please contact the UHI Active Health group ( who will be able to help identify suitable partnerships with the University. 

Staff are also welcome to propose projects. If you do not have an industry partner in mind, please contact the UHI Active Health group who will try to help.


Download the application form & guidance notes:

Active Health Challenge Fund Guidance Notes and Application 2021

or contact


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