Scottish Rural Health Partnership


A membership organisation which is open to all individuals or organisations (healthcare, academic and industry) interested in remote and rural healthcare. The leading source of information about rural and remote healthcare, fostering collaboration, innovation and idea sharing between our educational, academic, industry, community and NHS members.

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About Us

The Scottish Rural Health Partnership (SRHP) is hosted by the Division of Rural Health and Wellbeing, part of the Institute of Health Research and Innovation at the Unversity of Highlands and Islands. We are supported by funding from the Universities Innovation Fund, to provide development and administrative input to enable the partnership to grow and develop.

The SRHP is a membership organisation, with a small Executive Group to run the Partnership and a Steering Group to support the Executive Group in an advisory oversight capacity providing advice, expertise and supporting knowledge exchange and information sharing.

The SRHP's aim is to provide a single source of knowledge about rural and remote healthcare, to foster collaboration, innovation and idea sharing between its educational, academic, industry, community and NHS members, and to influence and shape rural and remote healthcare policy. We'll do this through this website, a newsletter and regular events, however we rely on our Members to contribute articles and information, and to shape our work programme and priorities.


  • To share knowledge of the activities of the Scottish research community in the area of Rural Health
  • To offer opportunities to participate in research, development and implementation programmes related to Rural Health and Wellbeing
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange that enhances needs-driven industry participation in rural health programmes
  • To promote innovation and economic growth through access to Scottish Rural Health knowledge transfer and expertise
  • To aid policy development and public sector involvement in all areas of Scottish Rural Health
  • To enable growth of further education programmes and opportunities for staff in the area of Rural Health
  • To extend SRHP activity to embrace Scottish Rural Health interaction at an international level

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