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UHI Aquaculture Hub

The UHI Aquaculture Hub unites a diverse community of aquaculture researchers, educators, consultants, students, and facilities that help drive innovation in the industry. 

Through collaborative efforts at the local, national, and international levels, we facilitate knowledge exchange and foster innovation to generate positive outcomes for businesses, students, and communities in our region.

Join with us on our training programmes, our research or through consultancies - we endeavor to shape the future of aquaculture through interdisciplinary collaboration, cutting-edge research, and hands-on education. 

Together, we can create solutions that address the challenges facing the industry and unlock new opportunities for sustainable growth and development.

Aerial view of a fish farm
A mussel farm

Our Aim, Our Work, Our Strategy

Our aim is to stimulate economic growth through a range of transformational activities that will boost productivity, employment, skills, and output.

Our work underpins a forward-thinking knowledge-based industry, and to growth that is environmentally sustainable and profitable. It creates place-based opportunities and wealth, enabling some of Scotland's most rural and fragile communities to become more resilient and prosperous.

UHI Aquaculture Hub Strategy 2021-2024 (pdf download)


UHI Aquaculture Hub Vision

Our Vision

  • The Aquaculture Hub will facilitate impactful research, knowledge exchange and education that supports sustainable growth and resilience in the aquaculture industry, and in the communities where we operate together.
Top down map of UHI marine Aquaculture Facilities and campus locations
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