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The UHI Aquaculture Hub brings together our aquaculture researchers, educators, consultants, students, and facilities.  Together, we create and support innovation in aquaculture.

We work collaboratively at local, national, and international levels.

Our knowledge exchange provides positive outcomes for the businesses, students, and communities in our region and beyond.

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Examples of our latest research


By understanding the underlying hormonal mechanisms, it's possible to create optimal conditions for oyster reproduction and larval development.

Our research into oyster hormonal regulation and its response to environmental cues has opened pathways for improving oyster breeding and aquaculture practices.

Sea lice Early Life Stages (SeaLiceELS)

The SeaLiceELS project conducted by UHI represents a significant step forward in understanding the biology and behaviour of sea lice early life stages, and its implications for aquaculture.

The results and insights obtained from this research offer valuable guidance for improving fish farm management and reducing the impacts of sea lice.


GlobalSeaweedSTAR aims to secure the future of the seaweed industry by focusing on disease prevention and biosecurity, thus ensuring that seaweed continues to provide economic opportunities and support for millions of people in developing countries.


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