Facilities and Equipment

Student in laboratory


The UHI Aquaculture network has access to an array of instrumentation, laboratories and vessels for its staff to deliver world-class research, commercial projects and consultancy services to both academic and commercial organisations.

The state-of-the-art facilities enable a range of investigations, facilities include:

  • Cell culture laboratory
  • Biochemistry and functional assay laboratory
  • Molecular biology and genetics laboratory
  • Proteome laboratory
  • Mass spectrometry suite
  • Bioinformatics and data mining tools

BioMAG Laboratory

The RLI BioMAG (Biodiversity Management Applied Genomics) facility is located in An Lòchran, adjacent to the College, and is equipped with state of the art technology for molecular genetic analyses in support of biodiversity research, including a high throughput Next Generation sequencing machine (MiSeq).

The Proteome Analysis Facility

The purpose-built Proteome laboratory houses a modern and well-equipped mass spectrometry suite for protein analysis. Bioinformatic tools, including locally hosted servers with the capability of searching standard or custom protein databases, are also available for the processing of proteomic data sets.

The Proteome Analysis Facility has a highly skilled research team with a strong background in protein chemistry. Services range from standard protein identifications to the characterisation of post-translational modifications and high-throughput quantification of large cohorts of proteins, including label-free, iTRAQ and SILAC approaches. There is also expertise in stable isotope labelling strategies to measure the turnover rates of individual proteins in biological systems. Ongoing studies are focused on proteomic analyses of human cells in culture and model organisms such as C. elegans and zebrafish.

The Lipidomics Research Facility

The Facility combines in-depth expertise with cutting-edge instrumentation for the global and targeted analysis of lipids. The main thrust of the research carried out by the team is focused on investigating the key role that lipids play in health and disease.  The breadth of expertise allows the team to provide lipidomic investigations ranging from in vitro experiments in cells through to clinical studies with body fluids.

The Lipidomics Research Facility is located in purpose-built laboratories, which house a modern and well-equipped mass spectrometry suite for lipid analysis. A full range of bioinformatic and statistical tools are also available for the processing of lipidomic data sets.

For more detailed information on particular facilities, equipment, vessels and contact details please visit our research equipment database.