Religious and Moral Education


UHI specialises in providing opportunities to study the Christian faith in an evangelical, reformed, non-denominational context at Highland Theological College (HTC) in Dingwall.

Religious and Moral Education

Highland Theological College UHI boasts an extensive library of more than 60,000 theological titles.


  • Our unique four-year BA (Hons) Moral and Philosophical Studies with Religious Education programme combines academic study in theology, ethics, and philosophy, with vocational training as a teacher, via an innovative mix of online learning and 30 weeks of full-time placements in schools. It is supported by the Scottish Government to address the shortage of skilled teachers in this area
  • Most of our humanities subjects can be studied as joint honours as well as single honours. Joint honours programmes give you the opportunity to combine two subjects, which complement your interests or career goals such as archaeology, criminology, culture and heritage, history, literature, philosophy, politics, Scottish history or sociology 
Rev Andrea Boyes, BA (Hons) Theological Studies content Andrea Boyes

Rev Andrea Boyes, BA (Hons) Theological Studies

“ Starting as a parish minister at a new church is always an adventure. Each day is different and it’s a privilege and a joy to walk alongside people of faith or none. My roles are varied from leading Sunday worship, acting as a school chaplain, conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals to visiting those who need a prayer and a little support. ”

Dr Innes Visagie, BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics Programme Leader content Innes Visagie

Dr Innes Visagie, BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics Programme Leader

"The Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree is an inter - and multi-disciplinary programme and is significant for pursuing a career in fields such as economics, business, and public services; including the civil and diplomatic services and local government. The degree is also useful for those intending further studies in law, journalism, social work and education with the aim of pursuing a career in any of the related fields."

Beth Fraser, BA History and Theology content Elizabeth Fraser

Beth Fraser, BA History and Theology

" I enjoyed the style of teaching. Often a significant part of seminars is discussion based and it was fantastic to hear other students’ take on a question. They’ve often read a different article from you, or analyse the same information, but have a totally different conclusion. I really enjoyed that, you learn a lot from other people. I loved my subjects. I always found history interesting, but that interest had grown and grown into real enjoyment. Theology was attractive to me both as a Christian and as someone who likes history – understanding the Bible and the Church is key to gaining a clearer insight into the last 2000 years of world history. "