The life sciences sector contributes to improving the health and medical care of people and animals in Scotland and worldwide. UHI has a range of science-related degrees, many taking advantage of the unique environment of our region and providing graduates with relevant skills for the jobs market.


The life sciences sector is an important contributor to Scotland's economy, providing 41,700 jobs across more than 700 diverse businesses and Higher Education Institutions.


  • You can study our BSc (Hons) Marine Science degree at the Scottish Association for Marine Science UHI (SAMS UHI) in Oban. The coastline around Oban is the ideal location for studying marine science and you will have access to the facilities of an internationally renowned marine laboratory and have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at: the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) in the Arctic Circle; Van Halls Laurenstein in the Netherlands; Coastal Carolina, USA; or at another partner university
  • Study on our BSc (Hons) Environmental Science and the spectacular natural habitats of the Scottish Highlands and Islands will provide, undeniably, one of the world’s best ‘living laboratories’ in which to study
Janne Bruhns, BSc (Hons) Marine Science with Oceanography and Robotics content Janne Bruhns

Janne Bruhns, BSc (Hons) Marine Science with Oceanography and Robotics

" I love this course because our lecturers are renowned scientists in their field, and it's so inspiring to be taught by them. It's hands on with a small number of students per class, so you have a very personal connection to your lecturer. If you’re passionate about the ocean this is by far the best place study. I think SAMS UHI is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone especially if you love learning by doing. "

Alberto Rock, Marine Science BSc (Hons) content Alberto Rock

Alberto Rock, Marine Science BSc (Hons)

" I had considered St Andrews and Edinburgh as other options, but it was a no brainer to come to SAMS UHI because of the research opportunities that I knew I would have. SAMS has a small campus, and a select number of students per year, which makes it so much easier to have a dialogue and a repour with your lectures and the researchers. "

Carlota Martin Souto, BSc (Hons) Forest Management content Carloto Martin Souto

Carlota Martin Souto, BSc (Hons) Forest Management

“ I heard good things about this degree: in particular, its practical focus and high rate of employability. I really enjoyed the School of Forestry's setting in Culloden Woods; the experiences that students from different backgrounds bring to the classroom; and the family-like environment. The opportunity of studying to honours level opened the door to postgraduate study. My work placement allowed me to successfully apply for several jobs in the forestry sector that have enriched my academic and professional experience, and helped me progress in my career. ”

Jamie MacManaway, BSc (Hons) Geography content Jamie MacManaway

Jamie MacManaway, BSc (Hons) Geography

“ Choosing this university allowed me to remain in the Highlands while studying. The blended learning approach resonated, meaning that a lot of the course could be completed from home, but I still had face-to-face contact with tutors. I’m interested in pursuing postgraduate study after my degree, before moving into research, lecturing or environmental work. ”