Future Me Podcast

Over the course of your lives you will make frequent career decisions. Your career journey, alongside many other areas of your life, will be subject to constant change and the influences of unplanned events and unexpected opportunities.

Iain Eisner and Helen Anton from the Careers and Employability Centre encourage you to see career decisions not as ‘problems to be solved’, but as amazing opportunities to be curious, look creatively at possibilities and consider what opportunities exist across the Highlands and Islands and beyond.

Taking action to navigate your career is important because Action Changes Things.

As a student or graduate of the university you can meet with us anytime for a career conversation, personalised CV and application form support, interview preparation and job searching. You can also access career development workshops/events and a range of career and employability information.

As an employer we would like to offer you the opportunity to advertise your opportunities to students and graduates and to influence the development of the curriculum.

So, to get support and work with us on your career journey ACT now :